"Discussion/Conclusion" by Ricardo Bahena

    From my research, I have learned that there is indeed an implicit truth behind the popular series of Family Guy. The show tends to exaggerate the everyday aspects of life to hold up a mirror to society. The research I have conducted correlates with my theory. My research shows the presentation of race, gender, sexuality, and the typical family through the form of satire. Through my findings I became more confident that there is more to Family Guy than just combining the ridiculous and impausible to create a half hour show. Behind the inspiration for episode creations lies the purpose to overstate modern life.


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    All of my sources proved my thesis in one way or another. "The Beauty and the Beast" article by Tomaselli for instance, supported both family life and gender when speaking of the way they are portrayed in society. The author described the scale being tilted towards women empowerment in modern sitcoms like The Simpsons in which Marge is always helping Homer get out of trouble. This same theory applied for Family Guy in which Lois is the smarter of the two in comparison to her husband Peter. In terms of family life, Tomaselli spoke about the typical family with a father, mother, and kids. He talked about how certain shows have applied a "flip perception" in which these modern sitcoms challenge the position of the family. Family Guy does this by exaggerating a husband's need of support for his wife, teenage life, and the relationship between a man and his dog. In the article about racism by Stephen Dubner, his theory that Family Guy doesn't adhere to any public scrutiny in comparison to a real person like Don Imus, also helped further develop and prove my thesis.


    From this article I gained the understanding that people won't take an animated show created by a bunch of idiots desperate for ratings, as seriously as a person that has more logical credibility. This affects the public from noting the subliminal messages about society that are being sent to them through parodies and absurd ideas. Lastly, in the article about sexuality by Robert Loughney, he described the implications of this matter in society through the traits of Lois Griffin. Despite her disfunctional character, Loughney provides some reality behind her character to demonstrate the exaggeration aspect proving my point.

            Family Guy would obviously have a negative effect on a child audience as the show is not meant for them. If for some absurd reason a young child were to watch this show, they would gain the sense on how life works through the most negative measures and depictions. They would learn about life through higher magnitudes, and Family Guy would really not serve as the best teacher when it comes to talking about the basis of life to a child that would not understand. When deconstructing Family Guy, one is still aware of the fact that Family Guy is meant to ridicule every aspect of life, but the inspiration of the show comes from the flaws of everyday life that are exaggerated through jokes and idiocy. This is the truth behind Family Guy.