Sexuality plays a major role in the development of Family Guy episodes. A character of the show that best resembles this trait is Glenn Quagmire. Quagmire is used to exaggerate the pervertedness and "popularity" of sex in society. The way Quagmire acts is exaggerated with his obsession with women and his involvement in almost every sex joke. An instance that demonstrates this is when Quagmire finds out from his friends that there was such thing as online porn as he only got his "viewing pleasure" from magazines. The next day Quagmire is shown at his doorstep with bags under his eyes and when he turns around his right arm is overwhelmingly muscular in comparison to his left arm, which indicates something that is self-explanatory. ("Family Goy")Another example of the exaggerated resemblence of sexuality is when Peter's teenage daughter Meg, is having a sleepover with her friends. As the friends are conversing, Quagmire (wearing a leopard colored thong) is peering over at the girls. When analyzing this matter, the show is trying to show the sex craze in society, and the lack of consciousness when dealing with this topic.


    Lois, Peter's wife, is also a good example of exaggerating sexuality. I don't know if there were any intentions to have the mother and wife of the family to represent this trait, but it seems to me that there were no such intentions in doing so. It is more difficult to see the "sex craze" that exists with Lois, but throughout watching the episodes, it is evident that she is this kind of person. For example, she is sexually open when revealing to her daughter that she used to be a lesbian. She has also slept with all of the members of Kiss, and in one episode told her daughter to "make herself available"("Road to Europe"). Other examples personifying Lois that exaggerate sexuality that I found in my sources, also talk about how she is sexually agressive and takes part in sex jokes, which I find as an unfeminent thing to do. Also, in one episode when Brian went missing and the family was discussing who to go to, someone brought up the marines and Lois responded:"Now the marines, those are the men you want to ****"("Saving Private Brian"). As with Quagmire, Family Guy might be using Lois to resemble the issue of sexuality in society with it being unsafely practiced and sexual media like porn, being more available to the general public. When one looks at it from a different aspect, she is less of a representation of the average housewife. This is where exaggeration factors in. Her comments suggest the struggle of being a mother and wife. This is reflected when she has a mental breakdown on Christmas, becomes addicted to shop-lifting, and talks about drinking and doing drugs during her pregnancy. This shows the obstacles of a typical suburban housewife that are magnified to larger extents.


    The American perception of youth being "sexy" is also demonstrated in an obscene way. Herbert the pervert, is used to define the disfunctionality of sex with people having relations with people much younger than them. Even though they are not necessarily in pedophiliac ways, they are trying to show how it is becoming more common or "popular" for people to go out with people fifteen or more years younger than them. Herbert is an elderly man with an eerie-whistling voice that lives next to the Griffins. He is very fond of Chris and other young kids due to the fact that he is a pedophile in so many ways. For example, in one episode when Chris accidently broke his window, he had to repay him by doing chores. When raking his leaves, Chris mentioned the fact he was getting tired due to all the heat, and Herbert encouraged him to take of his shirt or tie it in a knot. Another instance of his pedophiliac behavior was when the whole town got an invitation to go to an abandoned mansion. Everyone went, with Herbert being the first to arrive in his ice-cream truck (he is not an ice-cream man). The mansion was abandoned and when someone was mysteriously murdered when everyone found the body and shrieked in fear, Herbert said:"Everyone keep your pants on except Chris." The message of pointing out society's modern perception of sexuality, is difficult to decode through Herbert the pervert, but the depiction is certainly there.